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According to Gavin, the real Baker was a serial wife-beater and a stool-pigeon. Perhaps as a result, he played and sang superbly and even enjoyed socialising after the shows.At the airport on the way home, one of his band tried to get him to see how great life could be without heroin. "I can't wait to get to Paris and get fucked up."Unforgiveably, Chet was also rather dumb. If you are more daring, then setup a FREE account and start broadcasting your cam now! Click on the links to instantly view the cams and chat for FREE.Sometimes the man would stay for days, drinking and laughing with Myra by day and fucking her by night.Ever since Linda's dad had run off with a cocktail waitress, her mom had become a gorgeous, shapely cock-hound.According to the author James Gavin in Deep in a Dream: the long night of Chet Baker, the trumpeter was on 6g of heroin a day by the time he died.And that's not counting the cocaine, codeine, barbiturates, alcohol and hash Baker used as a regular top-up; he injected the former every five minutes or so if he was taking it on its own, less often if mixed with heroin in his favourite cocktail, the speedball.

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It was after midnight and Myra Preston had brought home another man.It's also a corrective to the myth of Chet Baker as the golden boy fallen from grace, an ultimate cool-school hipster on whom one could project the most vainglorious of male fantasies.Oh to be Chet Baker now that spring is here, one thought, imagining driving an Alfa Romeo ridiculously fast down Tuscan lanes en route to a smoky nightclub in Lucca; after taking shed-loads of drugs, you could croon "My Funny Valentine" to an adoring audience amazed at the depth of your sensitivity, before taking a model or two back to the hotel. In later life, Chesney Jnr even seemed to be turning into Chesney Sr, an embittered old Okie and failed musician whose liking for smoking grass was cited by Baker – probably facetiously – as starting off his own love affair with drugs. In 1986, he undertook a second tour of Japan, whose drug laws were so strict that Baker had to make do with a regimen of methadone and cognac.Now that she was a teenager, Linda patterned herself after her beautiful mom. And she often got very horny as she listened to some guy fucking her mother's hungry pussy.She usually jerked off her dog, Rex, as she listened to the raunchy, lewd and exciting noises coming from the next room.Along with the great atmosphere there is a wonderful staff that regulate the negativity that all chats would bring.